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Communion Sunday

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Communion Sunday was today. For all of my ‘always been Baptist’ friends, that is also the Lord’s Supper Sunday. Communion Sundays are my favorite Sundays! When we went to the Methodist Church, we had Communion every first Sunday. I liked that. I also liked how personal it was. Usually the person who was serving knew my name. When they handed me the element, they would say my name. “Pam, His Body broken for you!”  and “Pam, His Blood shed for you!” No, they didn’t shout- the exclamation mark was my…read more


what to do?

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I am four months behind! Wow! How did that happen? Unfortunately I have been sick. I have had three bouts with the shingles. That has made things pretty difficult for me. I feel like I am behind on everything! I would love to share some of the images I have taken over the last few months. I will choose my favorites!