Rockin' The Empty Nest

The Move and Arrival in VA

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We were really pushing to get finished with packing and senior portraits in time to get to Virginia for Dean to start to work. We had planned to leave on Thursday afternoon and drive to Texarkana. You know what they say about the best laid plans. We were really late pulling out. Dean had to stop by and take the sign down off the studio. We met at Buccees for gas. By that time, we were both pretty wiped out, so we decided to stop in Waco. Yep! We made…read more


11 Months and Wow, What a Ride!

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11 months ago, I posted that Dean had been laid off and needed a job. Things have really changed and since then! A few weeks later, he was offered a job in Austin with a company based out of Virginia. He was really impressed with the company, and it wasn’t long before he was employed. July saw him employed and us going on with life in Round Rock. In September, I went to Chicago to an Essential Bodywear Leadership Conference. It really motivated me to make that promotion. At the…read more