A New Start

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As much as I hate the phrase about starting a diet and the way that it gets a bad rap for starting on Monday, it is time to get back in control of healthy eating and exercising. Of course I would do that when I am so tired and exercising seems like the worst idea in the world! The last few months have taken a toll on my eating habits. There were so many “We have to eat there one last time” and sometimes that ended up being two or three last times. Before that, it was not exercising because my arm was hurting.

Then there is the stress eating. This Senior Portrait Season was the most stressful I have ever had. That, I hope is ending soon. I am a stress eater, so that was added to it.

And then there are my wonderful hostesses, who are great cooks. I enjoy food.

Let’s just say that the first 5 months this year have been very detrimental to my health and weight – because I allow them to do that.

No more!

I am taking back control.

I am so going to try to be better about blogging.