A pantry where there was no pantry

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The kitchen is very tiny. Minuscule might be a better word. There are only a few cabinets and one open shelving where the wall oven was. The new stove took up a lot of counter space and all of the drawers. We are working on the kitchen. One of the big problems was we had was no pantry!

There is one closet at the bottom of the stairs out side of the kitchen. It has carpet in, so I wasn’t sure how that was going to work. We decided it really was the best place to put the pantry. We had one small cabinet from Ikea, but that really didn’t work well. We knew we needed to do something else.

IMG_1590 IMG_1591

Armed with measuring tapes and dimensions, we shopped at lots of stores including Ikea. We ended up with very inexpensive shelving units from Home Depot.


They fit perfectly. I then added a remnant of vinyl flooring to make it easier to sweep up. It really made a big difference in giving me a place to store my food, cookbooks, and kitchen appliances.