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Kicking off 2015

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If you know me at all, you know I am a planner, but things seldom go as planned! My intention was to write this yesterday on the first day of 2015. Instead, I spent most of the day trying to revamp the look of the blog. ┬áThat didn’t go too well, so I never got around to writing this. And so, here I am on January 2, 2015 writing about the New Year. I guess that isn’t too late. At least it isn’t March! Lots of time in the car…read more


December 31, 2014 Closing out 2014

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My blogging during 2014 was almost nonexistent. I want to make changes for 2015, but I will wait until tomorrow to write about those. For tonight, I will spend a little time recapping the past year. January: I started Ideal Protein and really started making changes in my health journey.┬áModel search started for 2015 Models. Dean and I had a blast at Architecture of Air in Austin February: Eric and Ashley bought their first house. Dean bought a sports car. We made a trip to Shreveport to visit Darlene, James…read more