Rockin' The Empty Nest

Me as a boat maker!

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I saw a cute pin on Pinterest. It was a boat sailing through the bluebonnets. I thought that would be the perfect thing to do for children’s mini sessions. I asked around on Facebook to see if anyone had a small boat I could use. It seems that was not to be. I decided I could make a boat! I really didn’t think it would be that difficult. I was trying to make it economically. I started with a moving box left over from our move. I used a sharp…read more


A month has passed – is that all?

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When I looked at my last post, it shows only a month and 3 days have passed. I would have sworn it was so much more! When I posted in March, it had been a month since I last posted. That time, I blamed it on me and being sick. This time, the blame lies with Dean. I guess it was the Sunday after my last post, when he wrecked his motorcycle. Thankfully, his only injury was a broken rib. Of course, that made him miserable. I have been super…read more


My Chair & Backdrop

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Last week, I was approached about photographing the Daddy/Daughter Ball. I wanted it to be a special event. I did some browsing through Pinterest and other photographers’ websites. I came up with a plan. I looked all over town for the right kind of crepe paper to make a fun, more 3D background. I couldn’t find it. Instead, I ended up with regular rolls of paper. I figured that out, then I needed a prop or bench. I decided to check out the local Goodwill. I had a 3.99 credit,…read more


Finger Painting

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We have the sweetest neighbors! They have graciously accepted us into the family.  They invited us down to finger paint. Dean was working on the chair and I was working on the backdrop. I was going to skip it – in fact, I told Lisa I couldn’t. Dean went to the store for primer. On his way back, he drove by and stopped for a visit. He came home and told me I should take my camera. I couldn’t resist!