Texas, Our Texas

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You can take a girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.  I guess those are words are true!

When we moved in and started unpacking, there were lots of things that seemed to go together, although they had not been together before. Before, we had the loft, where there were lots of things I liked. We don’t really have that here. I decided to do something a little different and group those things into decorating.

The first room is our Texas Guest Room. We started it sort of as a joke, because of our sweet daughter in law who is not a Texan. Unlike Dean, she failed to drink the water, and thinks we are a cult. Can you image?

It started because we found Eric’s Texas flag from college. It was just the right size for a curtain. It coordinated well with the quilt an shams he used in college as well.


My sweet friend, Amy, and her mom Michelle invited me to their fabulous shop in Taylor the week before we moved to paint this Texas themed piece of art. I had so much fun! I know why I am a photographer instead of a painter 😉 but it was still fun!

Another sweet friend, Amy, brought me the flowers when we went to Louisiana. Blue bonnets and indian paintbrush are hard to come by in Virginia!

The Texas fossil was a table centerpiece from an architecture convention a long time ago. The plaster dino ‘fossil’ was a project Joy Anna did a long time ago.


The longhorn was Jeremy Barnes’ wedding rehearsal dinner. The painting I did with my friends Ronda and Amy. The magnolia on the left was a wedding gift! The bowl was an anniversary gift from Joy Anna a couple of years ago.




This is quite the assortment: A truck Dean and Eric made when Eric was in preschool at Caldwell. Dr. Pepper bottles from Texas. A back scratcher that belonged to my grandfather. A photo of pinatas from El Paso. A copy of Cowboy Dan (Eric’s favorite book when he was little). A boot with a pic of Joy Anna from VBS. Belt buckles from Dean’s dad. A drum we made for a class project. Eric’s cowboy hat from Mexico.


Eric’s bolo tie, a belt my dad made me, and Dean’s buckle made a nice decoration for the pillows, don’t you think?



What would a Texas room be without Texas Ranger caps? We added some from Round Rock and El Paso, too.IMG_2007

A glass yellow rose the kids got me for Christmas several years ago, a snuff bottle, and a cactus that was a favor at Joy Anna’s wedding shower. You can’t miss the Texas women sign from Lisa and the kids.


Now, if I could just figure out how to get the bed to play Texas our Texas when you lay down on the bed!