Two of our Favorite Things about Virginia

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When we found out we were being transferred to the DC area, I messaged our good friend, Shannon, and told her the news. We asked where we she live. She, of course, said my her. She and Dean did most of the ground work for the house hunt with our realtor. Dean headed home (via Arkansas for fishing) before we had a for sure place to live. The one we were going to settle for was not very close to our friends.

A couple of nights later, on Dean’s last night of fishing, I found a house that looked too good to be true. Best of all, it was only a mile from our friends! I messaged Shannon, and she and Dave headed over to look at it. She encouraged us to go for it. We are so glad we did.

Being this close to their family has been great.

The first Sunday we were here, we went to watch ‘O’ride in Maryland

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We have also had the opportunity to go to baseball games, softball games and swim practices. Here are a few pics from one of ‘L’s’ baseball games.

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So much fun to have them close to us again.